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Curious about our logo design? You’re not alone. For those intrigued, here’s a detailed explanation.

Our logo seamlessly blends chemistry with flora, intertwining science with symbolism. Drawing inspiration from nature, Germanic/Norse mythology, Japanese design, numerology, catalysis, and chemistry, it stands as a unique fusion.

Outer Ring

The outer ring is crafted from methylcyclopentane molecules. This structure symbolizes the deconstructed form of a Cosmos flower—an ode to nature’s power to find perfect harmony, balance, and order: a state of equilibrium. 


Collectively the pentagons form the outline of a hexagon. The hexagon, despite its simplicity, weaves itself into the fabric of our everyday lives and holds a significant presence in the field of chemistry.

Center Tree

At the heart of the emblem stands the triisopropylamine molecule tree, embodying the Yggdrasil; the tree of life. The Yggdrasil the tree central to the Norse concept of the cosmos. 

Three C's

The triisopropylamine molecule tree also shapes the three C’s of Chemponics® Cultivating Chemistry

Three Dots

The three dots are a deconstructed form of an trilobe extrudate (common catalyst shape). In numerology, they represent communication, connection, and unbridled creativity—qualities integral to our company.

Nine Dots

As these three pairs of three dots come together to form nine, they signify:

  • In Norse mythology: the Níu Heimar; the Nine Worlds that surround the tree Yggdrasil.
  • In numerology: nine is the highest single-digit number. It represents completion, but not finality. Meaning a fulfilment of one cycle and the potential it creates for the next one to be initiated. This represents the transition from employment to a new adventure with Chemponics®.


Our logo embodies the fusion of scientific precision and organic beauty. More than a visual representation; it encapsulates our journey, our commitment to excellence, and the dynamic synergy of science and nature. It’s an emblem of our past, present, and the promising future we strive to cultivate with every endeavour at Chemponics®.

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